Back to Work!

Hello kind reader,

I have returned to work following a wonderful and rejuvinating holiday.  Waiting for Godot was incredible.  Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen had a wonderful rapport.  They didn't play it as though they were best friends, and I liked the bit of tension that choice generated.

Today I begin rehearsals for the reading at Mad Cow.  In case you've forgotten over the holiday, I'm reading Ellen in An Experiment with an Air Pump.  I'll be workign with some of my favorite Orlando actors.  It's too bad it's only a 4 day engagement!

Teachlive is back in full force this year.  We begin part 2 of this round of research for the Gates Foundation.  We're using the Teachlive high school classroom for this round.  It's exciting to see these kids grow up, and it's especially fun to play them!  

Finally, I am still a part of the iTeam ensemble.  Last semester we met once each week.  This semester we will be meeting twice each week.  It's a larger commitment, but I think it will be better for ensemble-building in the end.  

This is going to be an excellent year!  It's not too busy yet, so there are still opportunities for the unexpected.  I'm looking forward to it.