Appendix 1: Developed Assignments

February 2014

Using Story in Public Speaking

This assignment was developed as an attempt to engage our online students.  We believe as a team (and I believe personally) that excellent public speaking is based in story.  Human culture has an excellent tradition of oral story telling, and we so often talk about oral story telling as somethign that is long passed.  However, we tell each other stories on a daily basis.  In this mini-assignment, I chose to focus on one kind of story with a purpose - jokes. Students learn the difference between relating new material, and they learn how to practice that material without memorizing the words and the intonation.

Concept and Instructions by Rebekah Lane

Editing, formatting, and supplemental instructions by Alex Rister

PDF iconNarrativePresentation_FEB_2014.pdf


October 2013

Creating Group Practice in the Online Environment

This is an assignment I developed to facilitate both practice and camaraderie in the online classroom.  Those of us who teach public speaking know that there is a lot on anxiety attached to this class.  We also know that students who take the class online exhibit some of the highest levels of communication apprehension.  This is only intensified by the anonymity of the online classroom. Assigning students group practice mimicks some of the classroom activities and encourages students to get to know eachother.  It helps them develop a support system.  

Topic: Getting to know your Peers and Delivery Practice

Version 1:

Concept, Instructions, and Formatting by Rebekah Lane

PDF iconGoogleHangouts_Meeting_Assignment.pdf

Version 2 (February 2014):

Updated content and Instructions by Rebekah Lane

Formatted and Edited by Alex Rister

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