Corporate Training

Brand Bonding


Getting to know your brand from the inside out

Is your team on message? Do you truly understand what your

brand is about?

Chances are, you haven’t read your organization’s mission

statement since you signed your contract. Even so, the mission

and values statements are the bones legacy is built on.

In Brand Bonding, you’ll get an in-depth look at the values that

propel your organization. You’ll also get to look at these values

as a team, so you and your coworkers can synchronize your

efforts around tough decisions.

PDF iconBrand Bonding Sept 11.pdf


Mindful Momentum

Increasing efficiency with a finely tuned team

We’ve all heard that mindfulness decreases stress and  increases productivity.  But it’s a solo thing, right?


But what if you could incorporate mindfulness into the way your team works?  What would happen if you could synchronize the focus and impulses of your team?


Mindful Momentum is a highly participatory course that emphasizes group mindfulness.  Participants are led to tune into themselves, their environment and each other using on-your-feet exercises that promote listening skills, non-judgement, curiosity, and positivity. 


PDF iconMindful Momentum Sept 11.pdf