Portfolio - Devising & Directing


Men on Boats

Mad Cow Theatre

Director:  Rebekah Lane



Amahl and the Night Visitors

Opera Orlando

Stage Director:  Rebekah Lane

Musci Director: Deniz Uz


3 Stories

Timucua Arts Foundation, June 27, 2019

Project led by Jeremy Seghers and Kevin G. Becker

Story 2:  

Devising Ensemble:  Nicole Sirdoreus, Katrina, Mandy Longo

Directed by Rebekah Lane


War Paint: The Play

Performed and Written by Lily Garnett

Performed at the Orlando International Fringe Festival

Director: Rebekha Lane

Sound and Lighting Designer:  Kevin G. Becker


Noye's Fludde

Produced by Opera Orlando as part of their 2019 season

Director: Tim Williams

Assistant Director; Movement and Puppetry Coach; Mask and puppet designer:  Rebekah Lane


The Importance of Being Earnest

Seminole State College

Director:  Rebekah Lane


Avenue Q

Daytona State College

Directed by Samantha Stern

Puppetry Direction:  Rebekah Lane


Hand to God

Mad Cow Theatre

Director:  Tony Simotes

Puppetry Direction:  Rebekah Lane




The Penelopiad

By Margaret Atwood

Performed at Valencia College

Director:  Rebekah Lane

Assitant Director: Sara Oliva

Sound Designer:  Kevin G. Backer

Costume Designer: Tyler Roetzer

Lighting Designer and Technical Director:David Rauschkolb

Ensemble: Logan Creasman, Ashleigh Ann Gardner, Sophia Metcalfe, Mary Grace Meyer, Monica Mulder, Nathalie Nader, Hedy Nasser, Lakayla Patterson, Julia Philips, Susi Rivera, Georgia Rost, Charis Watler

Orlando Weekly Article describing the concept and process.

Ink19 Review

Photo Credit:  Kevin Abel

Avenue Q

Performed at Rollins College

Director:  Tim Williams

Director of Puppetry:  Rebekah Lane

Someone to Watch Over Me

Performed at the Creative City Project

Written and Performed by Rebekah Lane

Co-Direction / Outside Eye:  Kevin G. Becker

Costume Design:  Sam Malloy

Photo Credit Ashleigh Ann Gardner


Rebel Girls

Director:  Rebekah Lane

Produced by the National Theatre for Student Artists

Performed at the York Theatre in New York City



Mindful Momentum


Written and Directed by Rebekah Lane and Kevin G. Becker

Performed at Art in Odd Places - Orlando 2017, Creative City Project:  Immerse, 2017, & Orlando Fringe Festival 2018

Photography by Tisse Mallon

Foolish Bebop

Written and Directed by Rebekah Lane and Kevin G. Becker

Performed at Art in Odd Places - Orlando and Creative City Project:  Immerse

Photography byTisse Mallon

Performers:  Julie Carr, Chris Pruiett, Brittany Smith, Kevin G. Becker, Rebekah Lane


Creation:  Births of Mythology

Written and Directed by John DiDonna

Director of Puppetry:  Rebekah Lane

Performed at Valencia College

Photography by Kevin Abel

The world premiere of CREATION:  Births of Mythology was at Valencia College.  This full length theatrical production weaves together stories of creation, from the Big Bang to the Greek Titans to Adam and Eve.  I directed the design, build, and performance of puppetry.  All puppet designs and builds were completed by students at Valencia College.  Prior to this show I taught a puppet manipulation class and a puppet design class.  Designers and performers came from these classes.


Future Legend

Performed at the Orlando International Fringe Festival

Written by Corey Volence

Directed by Kevin G. Backer

Movement Design by Rebekah Lane

Photo Credit: Andrew Tolbert


Finding Home

Written and Directed by Rebekah Lane

Sound Design:  Rebekah Lane

Devising Ensemble:  Rokaya Mikhailenko and Julie Snyder

Video by Seth Kubersky

This is a 10 minute performance

Finding Home was performed at Orlando's Creative City Project.  It explores the longing, invisible pull, and active search we engage in with our roots, with our families, and with our need for belonging and support.  Is home a journey or a destination?


Phantasmagoria VII:  The Cards The Are Dealt

Venue:  Orlando Shakespeare Theatre

Directed by:  Kevin G. Becker, John Didonna, and Seth Kubersky

Puppetry Director:  Rebekah Lane

Untitled #52

Written and Directed by Rebekah Lane

Devising Ensemble:  Yakima Rich, Liam Watkins, and Kasper Cergol

Photography by Barry Kirsch; Video by Chris Ferrera

This is a 55 minute performance.

Untitled #52 is an inquiry into mindfulness, devised using the combined techniques of Viewpoints and William Forsythe's improvisational technologies.  What is mindfulness?  What does it promise that is absent from American life? Together, we explore these questions through images, sounds, and moments.  This movement performance will slow down time while you indulge in your personal interpretation of mindfulness. 


Trees and Tumbleweeds

Written and Directed by Rebekah Lane

Performed by Asya Shaw and Nick Fruit

This is a 10 minute performance developed using William Foresythe's devising techniques.  it was developed in a class at Towson University, under the guidance of Naoko Maeshiba, Susan Mann, and Elizabeth Corbett.



Anticipation of Flight

Written and Directed by Rebekah Lane

Performed by Rachel Thomas-Levy, Melanie Sulsar, Isabella Montoya, Zoe Irving, and Tamar-Marie Tipton 

This 20 minute performance was performed as part of the MFA first year Showcase at Towson University.



Facing the Sunset


Wrtten, Directed, and Performed by Rebekah Lane

This was developed as a culminating project for my first semester at Towson University.  This 20 minute peformance synthesized the fomal elements of performance construction I worked with in Fall 2014.


Home to the Moon

Written, Directed,a nd Performed by Rebekah Lane

This short performance is a workshop piece developed during my first semester at Towson University.  It is an experiment with object, scale, and shadow.


Sound and Silence

Written, Directed, and Performed by Rebekah Lane and Kevin Becker

This short workshop performance was developed to experiment with found sound, silence, and stylized movement.


Work and Play

Written, Directed, and Performed by Rebekah Lane

This short workshop performance was intended to experiment with Beckett-esq physical restrictians of the performer.  The text was improvised, but could be formally scripted if workshoped again.



Words We Wear:  Pregnant Teen

Written and Directed by Rebekah Lane

Performed by Ansley Sandberg

Pregnant Teen explores the words a teenage girl in that situation might face.  The goal was to play with words in tactile ways.  Ansley Sandberg is featured in this piece.  It is her first experience as an actor. 


The script is available here:  Pregnant .docx


Words We Wear: Words of my Mother

Written and Directed by Rebekah Lane

Performed by Jill Lockhart and Mary Kathryn Chambers

Words of my Mother explores the words mothers pass on to their daughters through stories, advice, and action.  The goal was to play with the fabric as though it was the connective tissue between the words.  I wanted to represent the love just as strongly as I represented the tension. The script is available here:  Words of my mother script.docx



39 Steps: An Improvised Spy Thriller

Orlando International Fringe Festival

Written and Directed by Rebekah Lane

Concept and Dramaturgy by Ryan Price

Produced by Ryan Price and Invisible Fresbee Productions

Original Cast: Nadia Garzon, Megan Borkes, Max Hilend, and Christian Checker

This original show pays tribute to the numerous retellings of the classic novel through the use of structured improvisation.  The script is available here:  39 Steps – An Improvised Spy Thriller Final Script.doc




Bench and Chair

Developed at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center's National Puppetry Conference

This is an object theatre piece.  I devised it under the guidance of Alice Bohm at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre Center’s Puppetry Theatre Conference.  I am puppeteering the bench.





Developed for the College of Nursing at the University of Central Florida

Directed by Jeff Wirth

Funded by an NIH grant

I was on the develppment team for this interactive video game.  The skills involved in the final product are structured Improvisation, interactive performance, and digital puppetry





Rescuing Ruby Reef


The songs in this show help illustrate the ecosystem of the reef and reinforce vocabulary words.  The lyrics are available here:  Rescuing Ruby Reef Songs.doc