Student Response Summary

I take student feedback seriously.  

Here are some student comments regarding my teaching.  I'm proud to point out that there's a difference in response from Month 1 to now.  Do you see it?


Time Teaching at Full Sail

General comments - Good

General Comments - Criticism

Stand out Quotes

September 2012, Campus

Month 1

Charismatic.  Fun.  Met new friends.    

Disorganized,  Manage time better.  Too much work.

“I hope your first month wasn’t too hard.  Don’t take evaluations too hard - many students are just looking for reasons to rip you apart.  I enjoyed this class thoroughly, and understand things will improve.  Good luck!  Stay organized!”

November 2013, Campus

Month 15

Approachable.  Energetic.  Positive.  Informative.  

Strict grading.  Too much work.

“This class was nice, learned a lot.  Ms. Lane was cool, calm, respectful, and she was very understanding.  I’ll use these tools in the future...  PS: your activities and warm-ups are AWESOME!”





“I felt the class was well structured and provided exceptional support for improving our public speaking skills.”





“I didn’t expect it, but it was a great journey and learning as well.  I’m really happy with the techniques that I got and surely I will be using them.  Thank you Rebekah.”