Atlanta Visit!

Hi folks!

I spent this weekend in the lovely city of Atlanta!  I was working with Phantasmagoria on the Atlanta extension of the troupe - lovely puppetry work!  (Thank you to Atlanta Workshop Players for your wonderful hospitality!) And today I am teaching a puppetry workshop at the Center for Puppetry Arts.  You can find information about it here:



I'll be speaking with Cindy Price Fabico about the connection between creativity and joy on Facebook Live tomorrow at 8:00 AM!  You can listen to our conversation at

Mission STEAMPossible plays for the Public!

Hi folks,

Last year I was commissioned to write a script for MicheLee Puppets.   Tracey wanted to inspire girls to work in the science fields, give themt he tools to resist social pressure to drop out of science, and help them understand how the sciences canbe a helping field.  Ina ddition, we wantd to have science experiments and demonstrations connected with a touching story.

I developed three completely different ideas, and this is the story we settled on for production.

Innovation and Mindfulness

“Mason Currey, after studying the habits of nearly 200 of the world’s most prolific inventors and innovators over the ages, found that the single common habit of these great inventors and innovators was walking. As Currey reports, Charles Dickens famously took 3-hour walks every afternoon—and what he observed on them fed directly into his writing.” 

Offering a Creative Mindfulness Course in Orlando, FL

Hi folks,

I am collaborating with Tisse Mallon and the Elar Institute to bring my Mindful Momentum course to Orlando, FL.  I would love to see you there!