Artist Statement

What do you long for?  How many steps does it take to get there?  What if you move your finger?  Pick up a pen?  Take a breath?  Does isolating the movements help you identify their meaning?  I devise theatre of moments that amplifies the electricity of the space between.  I explore relationships:  to the self and the elements of time, space, people, and emotions.   I find meaning in these relationships by highlighting the clicks in non-verbal communication with sustained, moment-to-moment precision.  With theatre I seek to join the audience in bridging gaps that inhibit our understanding of our world.  My performers play in silence.  They live in time that expands and compresses as you watch them.  They anticipate the future, and like you, they long for something.


I begin most pieces with an image or moment that I feel must be staged and explored.  I often discover these images intuitively, as they emerge from my day to day experience.  As I stage the image, I begin to ask questions.  Like Robert Wilson, my driving question is frequently “what is this performance about?”  Through staging the initial impulse, developing the visual world around that impulse, and playing through hypothetical solutions, I unpack the structure, world, and finally, the meaning of the performance.


I value the process of making theatre as much as I value the resulting production.  My primary devising language comes from Viewpoints, and I add nuance to that process with techniques from the Forsythe and Lecoq schools of physical devising.  I find improvisation to be a strong tool in developing performances, and focus on honing my listening skills and my ability to play. I combine puppetry and audience interaction with physical improvisation for unique, visually stunning experiences.  

December 9, 2015