Interactive Work Update. Also: grading.

Hi folks,

I was asked to teach an extra class at my University this month, so I have had less time to do the theatre work I love.  

Even so, there is a bit of movement.  If you would like to learn more about TeachLivE (TLE), take a look at their most recent newsletter here:

I am an interactor for this project.  It's incredibly engaging work.  I hope to return to school at some point and write a bit about my part in this.  I'm being vague right now because I've been asked not to share exactlly how TLE  works.  I can tell you that this week I worked with University of Wisonsin - Michigan and Old Dominion University.  The folks who run the Teachlive Lab at those schools are just fantasic people!  Their doing an excellent job training their education students.

As part of iTeam, we are developing a brand and promotional material.  We have a fantastic crew of film folks, both students and professionals, who are working with us.  The goal is to define this work in a way that collaborators know how to leverage our skills.  I will share the link to the interview section when I have it.  

With iTeam I practiced interactive work on Monday night.  We focused on two things.  First, we drilled the opening set-up.  The interactor stayed "in the box" and the rest of the team took turns being new spect-actors.  The game was to quickly establish who the spect was, what they did, and to get the spect physically activated.  All of this was to happen as quickly as possible.  I'm especially fond of drilling skills like this.  It helps me get out of my usual schtick.  After that we focused on creating that intimate moment with our scene partner - spect or not.  This intimacy was less about sexuality and more about connecting on a vulnerable level. This was interesting.  I think the impulse when exploring vulnerability is actually the opposite - I found in my first take I ruffled up and found a reason to get mad within the scene.  I'm not sure whether this was due to a misunderstanding or in reaction to the vulnerability.  Either way, ungrounded emotion is not really helpful.  In later scenes I managed to find a sincere connection with my scene partner as well as drive the story forward with discovered tension.

Finally, there are some cool things going on in the Orlando Community that you should be aware of.

My dear friend Ryan Price is developing another Fringe show.  It sounds really cool.  I think he may need improvisational actors.  I would be in it, but I will probably not be in town during Fringe this year (Fingers crossed on the SITI Training!!!).  Here is the announcement Ryan posted:

  • "Invisible Frisbee Productions is seeking an Assistant Director / Stage Manager type for a show during the 2014 Orlando Fringe Festival. The show is a long-form improvised piece based on Missed Connections posts from Craigslist. Last year we produced an improvised spy thriller based on The 39 Steps, also at Fringe. Email with a resume or work summary. Explicit experience with improv is not required, theatre experience and stage management or tech skills are important.  We will be holding auditions for improvisers on 2/27.  Time is TBA."

Also, I had the privalege of coaching one of the most interesting artists we have in Orlando.  Thomas Thorspecken, locally know as Thor, has attended and sketched most of the theatrical projects I've been involved in over the past several years.  This February he took part in the Orlando Pecha Kucha night.  Thor asked me to coach him on his presentation.  He wrote about the full experience, and even mentioned me :-)  You can read about it here:

Finally, Empty Spaces Theatre is producing another interesting produciton.  The Orlando Sentinel wrote about it here:

My goal right now is to finish grading so that I can find time to see Nicholas Nicklby at the Shakes!

Have a great day!