Untitled #52 has Opened!

This weekend the MFA theatre cohort at Towson University began the festival of our final performances.  My show, Untitled #52 played on April 30th, and will play again May 5th and May 7th.  Untitled #52 is an abstract exploration of mindfulness in America, and many moments explore Pablo Neruda's Poem "Keeping Quiet".  The structure is based in tempo - the performance follows 4 wave cycles begining with gather/retreat, build or accellerate, crest, rush, linger, then disperse.  I developed the show with an ensemble of three freshman undergraduate students.  While all three identify primarily as actors, I am utilizing one's incredible skills on the cello (Kasper Cergol), and another's fantastic dance skills (Yakima Rich).  Togherther we have crafted some beautiful images.  I'm so proud of this group!  Click here to see a photo by the incredible photographer Barry Kirsch.  I hope to post video of the show by mid May.