Success at the Orlando Fringe Festival + Laban Training in NYC!

Hi Folks,

The Orlando Fringe was a success!  Future Legend came together beautifully (Video coming soon).  I directed the movement, and the cast and I did a ton of work establishing cross-gender physical vocabulary with our performers (in honor of Bowie, of course).  Tod Kimbro was stunning as our lead space invader, and the band was incredible.  What more can you ask for?  Phantasmagoria recieved excellent reviews.  I directed the puppetry for this show.  In one review from Freeline Productions, Michael Freeman even mentioned the puppets:  "Phantasmagoria has perfected the use of ghostly and ghastly large-scale puppetry to create their monsters, and you’d be amazed at how effective this is."

Right now I'm enjoying Brooklyn.  I'm pursuing my certification in Laban Movement Analysis, and I'm having an incredible time (so far - I just started!)  I will be here through the end of June, but back to Orlando in time to teach a 3 hour intesive in Laban at Valencia College!  I hope to have an article incorporating puppetry training with Laban movement language by the end of the module.  Right now I feel that the "motif" writing will do quite nicely :-)

Love to all!