A Reflection on Decadence

Hello wonderful world!

Towson University has an incredibly decadent MFA program, directed specifically for theatre artists interested in being generative artists.  Traditionally actors and directors are taught to be interpretive artists.  This program is one of the first in a shifting paradigm.  

"The Receptionist" with Empty Spaces Theatre

We just had our first read with the cast of "The Receptionist."  It is being produced by Empty Spaces Theatre.  Performances will be July 18 and 19.  Facilitated talkbacks will be held at each performance.  I am playing Beverly - the receptionist.  Take a look at the myth of Narcissus and Echo before you see the show.  Lt me know if you see the connection!  http://www.echo.me.uk/legend.htm



Rebekah Lane

TeachLivE is doing quite well!

Hi Folks,


As you know, I am an interactor, or as we like to call ourselves, interactive artist, for TeachLivE.  The program is having a conference this month.  It is also winning all sorts of awards within the Simulation and Education fields.  Check it out!






A Week of Workshops!

Happy Spring Break!

This week I had the amazing opportunity to present workshops for all the basic skills I'm passionate about!  I led a public speaking workshop and an object puppetry workshop for Full Sail University instuctors, and I led a Viewpoints workshop with the cast of Craigslust (one of the fantastic shows available at this years Orlando Fringe Festival).  

New Piece in development!

Hi Folks!

I have a new piece in development!  It is a 5 minute puppetry.movement short.  I'm pretty excited about it. :-)

Piece written and directed by Rebekah Lane
Performed by Rebelah lane, Chris Prueitt, and Mary Beth Spurlock

Here were the parameters for the piece:

Promt: If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do today?

Specs:  Use at least one object, one piece of music, and up to 3 performers.

The puppet is masking tape and newspaper.  He has a wooden dowel in his head.

Traveling is Wonderful, especially when you get to see incredible theatre!

Hello dear readers!

I have just returned from the most wonderful weekend in our fine capital!  For my brithday I was given tickets to see both Ronnie Burkett's Penny Plain and Handspring Puppet's version of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Both were lovely examples of puppetry theatre.


Ronnie Burkett is an excellent example of puppetry as a one man show.  He writes, builds, and performs his work.  I met him at the O'Neil in 2012, and he's a joy to talk to.  He planted some beautiful images.


Interactive Work Update. Also: grading.

Hi folks,

I was asked to teach an extra class at my University this month, so I have had less time to do the theatre work I love.  

Even so, there is a bit of movement.  If you would like to learn more about TeachLivE (TLE), take a look at their most recent newsletter here: http://srealserver.eecs.ucf.edu/teachlive/newsletter/?wysija-page=1&cont....

It feels so good to be back on stage!

The reading with Mad Cow went incredibly well!  It was an honor to be on stage with some of the best actors in Orlando.  It was also wonderful to be a part of the talkback.  We often talk about how art and science are so different.  But the two are not so different when we think about questions of ethics, the process of creation and discovery, and the role of the final product in society.  There were a number of scientists in the audience this weekend.  I truly enjoyed hearign their perspectives.