Instruxo Video

All the work I have done with Instuxo is posted on their website! It was wonderful working with Ralph!  He has a great vision for his company and a wonderfully supportive family.  I look forward to working with him again in the future!

I'm in a fashion show next week!

Next weekend I will be strutting my stuff on the runway at the Orlando Convention Center.  I am  working with the Southern Women's Show.  As of right now I will have three looks:  A yoga outfit, a shiny shirt dress, and an evening coat.  I'm working under Kimberly Dolson with WKMG Channel 6.  You should be able to view it online the same day or soon after.  I will try to post the video on my site as well.

Orlando Scene TV

This is my dream job!  This is a great project I work on with Ryan Price.  In Orlando Scene TV we explore entertainment options in Orlando for hip 20-somethings.  We find the restaurants, bars, and bands that are overshadowed by Disney and Universal Studios, but that add to the wonderful, eclectic opportunities Orlando has to offer.  I am a host and assistant producer on this project.  I make it my job to experience the events and environments for the viewers so they can feel excited and safe about trying new things in this area.