October Projects!

Hi Folks!


Some exciting projects coming up in October!

On Friday, October 14th, Phantasmagoria's annual Halloween show opens.  I directed the puppetry this year.  I'm very excited about it!  You can purchase tickets and learn more here:



On October 15th, I am presenting a piece in Orlando's Creative City Project!

ATME Presentation

Led a lovely workshop at ATME on  Thursday.  In only 30 minutes, we learned how to reseach an object with attention to breath and movement quality.  We spent special time on whenther the object follows you, you follow the object, or the object and you move together.

I'm incredibly thankful for the generous welcome I've experienced here.  I'm feeling very loved and valued.


Workshop at ATME

I am please to announce that I will be leading a workshop at ATME!  I do not have the time yet, but it will be a puppetry workshop focused on devising from the perspective of object puppetry.  I'd love to see you in Chicago!

Tech Week

Hello folks!


We are in tech week for our (The Towson University MFA Grads) thesis performances.  We are each presenting original theatrical compositions that build on our course of inquiry during our time in grad school.  I stared with an awareness of Ann Bogart, and have been also studying Robert Wilson and Ota Shogo.  Needless to say, my thesis performacne features ensemble performance and slow, abstract movement.  :-)


Here is a rehearsal video from two weeks ago.  More videos to come - we've made so much progress!


Updating the Website

Hi folks, 

I am currently in the process of updating this website.  I am adding videos, reorganizing content, and re-naming categories.  Please let me know if you are looking for something that you are unable to find.  I will be happy to find it for you.

I have less than 2 semesters of graduate school left to complete.  It's been an incredible process with lovely people.  I am very aware of my good fortune.

I am currently seeking opportunities as a director, teacher, performer, and creative collaborator.  I am available to begin work in June, 2016.


June in Orlando - Workshops, friends, and incredible artists

I'm in Orlando for the month of June.  Florida is an incredible state, and Orlando is a lovely city.

This month I had the great fortune to revisit Full Sail University as an instructor for the Professional Communication and Presentation class.  I taught two sections of incredible artists and entertainment business students - working with them on their personal pitch to future employers and collaborators.  These students developed some incredible presentations!

Abundant Summer Plans

I've been having a wonderful experience at Towson University this semester.  Quick update - finished an "End-of-Year" presentation in early April.  I will be posting video and pictures of that project soon.  I've been writing a ton of short scripts for David White's text construction class.  I've been directing staged readings, coaching movement and puppetry for mainstage shows, and leading Viewpoints workshops.  It's been busy!