It feels so good to be back on stage!

The reading with Mad Cow went incredibly well!  It was an honor to be on stage with some of the best actors in Orlando.  It was also wonderful to be a part of the talkback.  We often talk about how art and science are so different.  But the two are not so different when we think about questions of ethics, the process of creation and discovery, and the role of the final product in society.  There were a number of scientists in the audience this weekend.  I truly enjoyed hearign their perspectives.

Back to Work!

Hello kind reader,

I have returned to work following a wonderful and rejuvinating holiday.  Waiting for Godot was incredible.  Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen had a wonderful rapport.  They didn't play it as though they were best friends, and I liked the bit of tension that choice generated.

Today I begin rehearsals for the reading at Mad Cow.  In case you've forgotten over the holiday, I'm reading Ellen in An Experiment with an Air Pump.  I'll be workign with some of my favorite Orlando actors.  It's too bad it's only a 4 day engagement!

Feeding my soul this Holiday Season

"Words We Wear" played to three engaged and sold out houses.  It was a huge success for Epic Vita, the sponsoring organization.  It was also a huge success for me as a director and writer of theatre.  I learned a lot from working with this wonderful team.  I now get three wonderful weeks to process that production before I jump back into the work.  Real reflection doesn't happen until the tension dissipates - and with any creative endeavor there is a bit of tension.  Good work is soul baring.  It makes a person sensitive.  It make a person invested.

Words We Wear is in Production Week!

The year is drawing to a close.  Words We Wear is in our final tech week.  We will have our first rehearsal in the actual performance space on Tuesday, December 9.  It's exciting!  We will finally start to add our final character - the Kinetic Typography.  It's an integral part of the show.  I know if will be beautiful.  I'm excited to finally see it!


In other news, I went on my third ever commercial call on Saturday.  It's good to audition.  It makes me feel like I'm putting my training to work!  (Even though I put my training to work every day!)

Rehearsals for "Words We Wear" are going wonderfully!

I'm so proud to be a part of such a talented creative team.  We managed our first stumble-thorugh for "Words We Wear" on Monday night.  It was a success.  We are still working on transitions between pieces, but it is becoming clear that the work we've done is going to pay off.

I'm officially done writing the piece "Words of my Mother," which is a 3 minute part within "Words We Wear."  One of the actors will be under a piece of fabric for the duration of the piece.  I'm sewing that fabric together this weekend.  You'll have to come see he show to see what it looks like!


Application for SITI Summer Intensive at Skidmore College

I have successfully submitted my application for the SITI Summer Training!  Here is the "about" description.  Basically, I've been developing original theatre since I started working at MicheLee Puppets.  I was developing new theatre work with other folks around town, too.  Then I went to the Eugene O'Neill National Puppetry Conference and learned more about making devised work.  Then I came home and made some devised work.  And now I want to get better at it.

Website Updates!

Hi Folks!

It's been a few years, but I'm finally ready to update my website.

A lot has happened since I last posted.  I finished my Masters degree in Communication at UCF.  I published my thesis research.  In June 2013 I ended an incredible 7 year run at MicheLee Puppets with a trip to the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center's National Puppetry Conference.  It changed who I am as an artist.

You can get a full, if less exciting view of the progress on my CV.

Instruxo Video

All the work I have done with Instuxo is posted on their website! It was wonderful working with Ralph!  He has a great vision for his company and a wonderfully supportive family.  I look forward to working with him again in the future!

I'm in a fashion show next week!

Next weekend I will be strutting my stuff on the runway at the Orlando Convention Center.  I am  working with the Southern Women's Show.  As of right now I will have three looks:  A yoga outfit, a shiny shirt dress, and an evening coat.  I'm working under Kimberly Dolson with WKMG Channel 6.  You should be able to view it online the same day or soon after.  I will try to post the video on my site as well.